Friday, August 20, 2010

Owning Redemption

Rick Morgan inherited a painful legacy. Marked by a generation of unforgiveness, he finds himself the undeserving owner of his grandfather’s dream; Redemption Ranch. In a world where character seems to have lost all value, Rick stands up to rescue a handful of at-risk teenage boys. Will his own inability to forgive render his heart ineffective, or can his love, strength and integrity build a bridge to Redemption?

Kate Porter was coming home. She had walked away from her family, fiance and faith when her heart and identity had been shattered. A teaching job at Redemption Ranch gave her a place to stay and a purpose, but how long can she work alongside the ever-praying Rick Morgan before either her temper or her resolve give way?

Owning Redemption is a story about one man’s desire to live a life of character, to do hard things, to love difficult people. Will Rick learn that giving all he has simply isn’t enough? Or will he learn that one man with character and integrity inevitably leads to another?

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