Friday, August 20, 2010

Owning Redemption Synopsis

Between the rolling hills, majestic pines and two horse towns in the Heart of Dixie, battles rage. Young men find themselves in a fight for their lives, incapable of throwing a proverbial punch. Families are broken, twisted and separated by death and desertion. Neighbors sit idly by while children are being abused. Love goes uncommunicated. Men forget that they were born to protect. Women build fortresses around their hearts that would turn an army away. And Rick Morgan finds himself in the middle of it all.

In the small town of Union, Alabama, Rick inherits the dream and responsiblity of a grandfather he never met. Attempting to swallow the guilt and rage that was passed to him in the form of a broken family, he digs his heels in and tries to answer a calling that screams from beyond a grave, one that offers hope to the hopeless. Redemption Ranch, run by a handful of ordinary people with extraordinary hearts, opens its gates to teenage boys that the world has tried to forget. Suddenly, Rick’s world revolves around a few friends and family members, some kids that test and amaze him at every turn, and a teacher that could offer the world- if she could only open her heart, a heart that Rick finds irresistable. Will Rick’s own demons render him ineffective? Or can the faith, character and integrity of one man pave a road to Redemption for a stubborn, broken hearted woman and a barn full of teenage boys?

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