Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Because" (Blogging Through the Gospel guest blog)

The reading for Thursday is Luke Chapter 22 .


Luke 22:2
The chief priests and the scribes were looking for a way to put Him to death, because they were afraid of the people.


The actions of the priests and scribes had very little to do with their own convictions. Instead, they made some history altering decisions based on the perception of other people. The word “because” in this verse is very telling because it shows the motivation behind their actions. I wonder how many times we would act differently if we were to investigate the “because” before we made our choices or decisions.


It all comes back to the heart. Scripture implores us to guard our hearts above all else, and for very good reason. These priests and scribes weren’t people bent on evil, mind you. They had devoted their entire lives to teaching the stories about their Creator and yet when they came face to face with the Answer to every story they’d memorized, they ran from the truth, closed their hearts to their own Redemption and ultimately manipulated the death of our Savior. And why? Because they hated Him? No. Because they disagreed with his philosophy? No. Because they feared He wouldn’t do justice to their precious Scriptures? No. They hated Him “because” they were afraid of the people.
We wouldn’t do that, right? You and I don’t have to worry about betraying Christ, grieving the Holy Spirit or walking away from God’s will out of peer pressure, do we?
I say we do.
I say this little nugget of Scripture was tucked in Luke 22 just for us. Perhaps there’s a co-worker or family member that desperately needs to hear  God’s will for their lives and yet we hold back because we’re afraid. Maybe we’ve been encouraged to wear a certain style of clothing that we’re sure isn’t God honoring, but we don’t say “no” because we’re afraid. Maybe we’re single and have allowed ourselves to fall hopelessly in love with a young man who doesn’t love the Lord and we know we should walk away, but we’re afraid. Or maybe, and most likely, we’re walking aimlessly through life instead of seeking out His plan for us because at the end of the day when all is said and done, we’re simply afraid.
It wasn’t just the priests and scribes who turned their backs on Christ out of fear of ‘the people.’ We have the tendency to do it, too. Nearly everyday, I’m presented with an opportunity that has two choices: Be bold for the Lord or be afraid of what people think.


Father, so many times I listen to that voice that tells me to worry about what people will think. Too many times, I’ve let opportunities pass by because I was afraid I would offend someone or look like an idiot. As I raise my children, Lord, please help me to grow my faith bigger than my fears. I don’t want to pass to them a legacy of bending to peer pressure. I certainly don’t want their Christian lives to be marked by guilt and disappointment.
Give me strength to make the most of every opportunity. And help me to see my peers the way You see them- not as the mirror to my worth, but as my mission field. Use me, precious Father. I love you and I want more than anything to share your Glory with the ends of the earth. Remind me that the ends of the earth start right here, in my own town, with those people I tend to be afraid of. In Christ’s name and by His blood I pray, Amen.
A little about Sue…the wife of a mechanic she adores, a homeschooling mom of three kids she doesn't  deserve and a writer of books and blogs she would love to read.  "I aim to live a life with my heart wide open, evidenced by the fact that I try to LAUGH (a sincere, make-your-jaws-ache belly laugh) and CRY (whether from joy or sadness) everyday!"

What about you? How do you live your life? And what else did you hear in Luke 22? 

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