Friday, March 28, 2014

Kingdom Builders (Teach Them Diligently Blog)

     I recently had the privilege of attending the Teach Them Diligently Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  While I was there, God transformed my heart.  I was able to let go of old habits, throw away old fears, break old strongholds and bust old standards. 
     Nearly the entire time we were there, Holy Spirit worked on us, challenged us, transformed us, enlightened us and changed us.  From the way I teach history to the way I cook dinner, every aspect of homeschooling and homemaking was challenged.  God opened doors, closets and treasure chests for us and we are so grateful and overwhelmed by His goodness and His plan for our family that we’ve almost been unable to communicate it. 
     In an effort to share a little of what God taught me, I want to share a few notes, quotes and scribbles that my Father wrote on my heart.  I’ll share from one speaker or theme at a time, so make sure you read them all!

Kingdom Builder

*I am a “Kingdom Builder,” a “Room Preparer,” and an “Ark Builder.”*

     Culture has spent the last century trying to rob parents of their ability and authority to build the Kingdom of Heaven in their own homes. We live in a world where schools tell us when we can have our children, governments tell us what we can do with our children and society tells us how we should dress and treat our children.  Everything has changed  EXCEPT the power, call and provision of God.  If we’re still breathing, we still have the ability to build the Kingdom at our kitchen tables. Allow the Word of God to revive your spirit and renew your calling! Be diligent about marrying education and religion in your home.  Purpose in your heart to prepare your children, not just for the workplace or a college education, but to lead a life that satisfies their souls, glorifies God, and builds the Kingdom!

     Jesus told Believers that he was going to “prepare a room for them.”  I have been given the same ability here at home.  Each day, I get a chance to “prepare a room” for my kids and for my husband.  Every morning, my children wake up to a room that I have prepared (decorated, organized, cleaned, prayed over, enjoyed.)  Every afternoon, my husband comes home to a room that I have prepared for him (lived in, loved in, organized, raised his kids, cleaned, prayed in, spoken truth in, cooked in.)

     When given information by God that his family was at risk, Noah didn’t just pack a survival bag and make a few preparations.  He “diligently and reverently constructed and prepared an ark for the deliverance of his family.”  I believe that God has given us information that our family is at risk.  It’s time we look to Noah.  He discounted the wisdom of the world and put tools in his hand.  He was diligent.  He was reverent.  He constructed.  He prepared. 

-My notes from Zan Tyler’s ‘Mothers Are Kingdom Builders’

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