Friday, December 31, 2010

Enough With the Excuses Already!

"Hey! Want to try to read your Bible from cover to cover in just 90 days?"


I'm not as much interested in your answer as I am interested in the thoughts you directed to the question.  If you're anything like me, you allowed your heart to briefly whisper the promise of an intimate experience with your Father just until your mind took over.  Just as you were beginning to see yourself stepping over the "God Margin"- that invisible line that separates everything you can do on your own and what you can do only with the helping hand of the Almighty God- your head interrupted your heart with what has become the worst enemy of your 'abundant life':  EXCUSES.

You know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you?  Those ridiculous 'whispers of reason' your mind gives you for EVERY promising experience that tells a story bigger than yourself.  They've been holding you back for decades, and while you hate the lack-of-life they stand for, you still find yourself hiding behind them whenever your existence threatens to get interesting.  Not only do you give them a voice, but after a while, you give them a choice.  In hindsight, you find that your excuses have practically divorced you from the life you've been praying for, and still, when they speak up, you bend your ear.  Maybe they're the reason you didn't go to prom or the reason you allowed your heart to check out on your marriage. They might be the reason you decided to 'give up' on your own family member or the reason you've hidden and lied every time opportunity knocked.  Maybe it was an excuse that allowed you to be quiet when you hated yourself for it the next day.  Or, perhaps excuses talked you out of school, an introduction, an apology, a trip to Malaysia or sending that letter to your Mom.  Maybe they simply talked you out of dancing in the rain with your first love, making that long distance phone call or making a U-turn to pray with the man you passed on the street.  Bottom line?  Excuses are our not-so-silent killers.  They don't necessarily rob us of our physical breath, but they steal from us the experiences that were meant to define our lives.

"It's too much..."  
"I'm don't have enough..."
"I'll never..."
"But, I..."

Thief.  Liar.  Manipulator.  Distraction.
Excuses rob our lives of memorable, heart-changing experiences.
Excuses tell stories about what we have at our disposal.
Excuses twist our views of who we are, effectively diminishing what we do. 
Excuses grab us by the chin and force our attention from anything  that matters and puts it on ourselves.

I dare you to shut them up.  Like a three year-old writhing and screaming for his way in a grocery store, I dare you to ignore them.  Like the crabby old lady that pulled out in front of you and gave you the finger, I urge you to take a deep breath and concentrate on more important things.  Learn how to shake your head at your enemies.  Remember how to roll your eyes when someone tells you that you can't.  Dig deep and pull out that, "Watch this," attitude.

Wanna' see me put my proverbial money where my passionate pen is?

Starting this Monday, July the 11th, I am again ACCEPTING the challenge to read my Bible from cover to cover in 90 days.  There is Life wrapped up in that leather binding and I'll not allow excuses to keep me from it.  No time?  I'll make time.  It'll be hard?  Good.  I've spent years telling my kids that nothing worth having comes easy.  But, you've never done it before?  Great.  I need something new.  But, what if you fail?  My friends will be right there to help me stay on track...  Get the picture?

Divorce your excuses and get your life back!

From Genesis to Revelation in 90 Days...

What's holding you back from the Bread of Life?  (Or whatever "God Margin" thing you're being asked to do...?)

90 Day Challenge


  1. LOVE THIS :)

    What a thought: "In hindsight, you find that your excuses have practically divorced you from the life you've been praying for...they steal from us the experiences that were meant to define our lives."

    Can't wait to see what God does in all of us on this challenge!!! Linked your blog to mine today and between the 2 of us encouraging each other and others, we WILL make it through this journey and celebrate victoriously at the end...dancing in the rains of grace and mercy and love we will all be showered with from Above on this trip!

  2. This post sums up every good and bad thought that could have crossed my mind and then some. The challenge is just that...a challenge. However, I found that I was the problem, not the time commitment, not life...just little ole me.

    I finished and I'm doing it again! Good luck and thank you for sharing this post. God bless.

  3. I think I'll print this out and put it on my bathroom mirror as a daily reminder that I can "excuse" myself out of a wonderful life.

  4. Well said. Thanks for your poignant thoughts.

  5. Wow Sue, beautiful as always....and I don't just give compliments in reference to "GOD"..but you have "IT" really do!! I have not had the time lately to catch up on all of your writings..but whenever I do...I am floored! I truly believe that your heart is "right" a world of so much wrong...I want you to know that I appreciate YOU! I will take your challenge my friend....and thank thank you!


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