Saturday, January 01, 2011

Two Women. One God

Two women.  Two hearts.  Two voices.  Ninety days.  One God. 

I would like to introduce my friends to my friend, Lisa Tucker of Graceful Abandon.  She has become a precious member of my faith family and has taken on the tremendous challenge of praying me into the God Margin.  Together, we plan to read our Bible from cover to cover in 90 days with approximately 615 other sisters across the world.  She and I are incredibly excited about the promise-filled, relationship-rich, becoming less so that He is more experience and we are cordially inviting you to join us on our journey.

If the idea of concentrating the first-fruits of your time, attention and thoughts on the Word of God for the New Year grips you the way it has us, follow this link to accept the 90 Day Challenge.

Lisa and I invite you into our personal journey through God's Word by visiting our weekly blogs during the 90 Day Challenge.  I, like coffee, will get you started on Monday with a blog about my Challenge and Lisa, like a sweet dessert, will end your week with a Faithful Friday blog about her Challenge.  You'll not want to miss what she has to say. She provides a consistent challenge to my faith with her beautiful words.  If you haven't already, click the "follow" button on both blogs and allow us the pleasure of sharing our hearts with you!

Remember: Your 90 Day Challenge week will kick off here at  and end faithfully each Friday with Lisa at

Pray. Fast. Seek.  Need....  FIND.

It all starts Monday!  


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  2. Had to click all three!! Like It, Love it! Shared It!!
    I absolutely can NOT wait for this challenge. It just cant get here fast enough!
    I told Lisa recently, Sue, that I have wanted for years to have another Woman friend, whom I could do challenges like this with, but I came up short every single time! I am so thankful that you and I have been able to seems like forever ago that I would watch, like the little girl a few houses down, you as you practiced colorguard!! I am also so thankful that God has brought Lisa into my life as well! I am so excited for this!!! I can not wait to see what GOD does next!!!!!

  3. It's Divine, Stephanie! I am EQUALLY excited about it! I know this sounds cliche and cheesy, but I just KNOW that there is LIFE waiting on us in this journey. My heart is hopeful with anticipation! I can't wait, not only for the study, but for the rich prayers that we'll get to share with each other! (I LOVE YOU!)

  4. so glad that you are on this journey. May it be life changing.

    Amy @ Missional Mama


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